Einstein Rules

If we can, just for a moment, abandon the dogma of conservation of mass and energy, we can approach the problem of mass deficit more easily.

What happens inside a star?  Is there a way to reverse Einstein’s energy from mass - to use energy - massive amounts - to create matter?

Black Holes - Star Font

Any spinning object has energy as per:

E = 1/2 mv^2

Einstein refined to state energy:

E = mc^2

Now, when a body spins, work is done.  If I were to hitch up a kite or rig up a sail or a windmill I’d see just how unlimited the energy of a large body such as earth’s spin is anyways.

So, if work is being done over time, we can say new energy is present at each separate frame.  The energy of spin is not static if large dynamic systems exist to offset any drag loss when extracting energy.

Energy in the hot dense core of a star, or a supermassive black hole, as the body spins, might it be focused as with gravitational lensing, and condensed into matter?

Imagine wave energy being forced by a huge gravity well to bend, as Einstein famously predicted, not just at edges where starlight is seen from earth.  Imagine in the core of the Milky Way a black hole the weight of fifty billion suns, like the one in the centre of most galaxies.

Recently it has been reported that at the edge of our view of the universe galaxies appear with supermassive black holes like our own - blue nuggets have few stars around them, however.  This helps in cementing our view of stars as emerging over time from the galacticore fusion process.  Spinning out.

Galaxies like these Blue Nuggets must have been the standard at the beginning of the expansion of the  universe since they are only seen at the very limits of our telescopes' powers.  Light speed retards our ability to see current views of objects so far away in the past.

Imagine all the energy of spin lensing in the very densest core.  Imagine rearranging Einstein’s formula and creating matter from spin energy:

E = mc^2
m = E/c^2

A lot of energy is needed but over time, massive spinning bodies apparently might increase in mass.

A wave of energy is bent by gravity in the core of a black hole, forming links and chains, stable localized snippets of wave energy made into packets.  Prefusion quantum soup.  

Matter origins 

maybe the prime seed of emerging matter
is the nanosingularity

rips in spacetime as it expands

like water pouring rushing in
matter enters spacetime
at all concentrated cores

nuclei of atoms split and yield sums
nature's volume keeps us bound
by increase space
but also time
each frame
contains a universe
of matter

add motion
where does the energy come from?

big bang?

big bang plus spores of seed
micro pulses of ultradense original matter

capable of increasing in velocity
hence momentum
hence energy
hence work

increase time->vol space increase ->momentum of universe increasing ->matter via energy increasing

time creates matter

it's the first dimension not  the fourth

prime mover theorem

time is prime

hence matter

"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."

Albert Einstein